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Boltgas offering state-of –the-art engineering solutions

Zimbabwe’s oldest private-sector-led timber business, the Wattle Company (Private) Limited, has turned to Boltgas to undertake its fabrication and installation of two conveyor structures in the Eastern Highlands, complete with rollers.

In what marks yet another acclamation of Boltgas’ unequalled service in the field, the state-of-the-art conveyor structures shall include all supporting systems, stringers, drive motors, pulleys, pull rollers, pull cord switches, belt sway and zero speed switches.

It was not by accident that the Wattle Company chose Boltgas over its industry peers to implement the design, installation and commissioning of the two conveyor structures. Since its formation in 2005, Boltgas has evolved into a source of dependable engineering products and services which it is capable of offering in the shortest possible time.

This has enabled its clients to increase their productivity, reduce downtime to the barest minimum, enhance their bottom line, unlock shareholder value and build sustainable businesses that continuously provide Boltgas with repeat business.

Boltgas started off as a supplier of engineering services and solutions in design and detailing, structural steel works, plate works, pipe works (steel, hand built rubber, plastics and HDPE), plant refurbishment, rehabilitation and maintenance, site works, fabrication, machining, installations, commissioning and training, engineering skilled labour hire, among others.

HDPE is the acronym for High Density Poly Ethylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. As one of the most versatile plastic materials around, HDPE plastic is used in a wide variety of applications, including plastic bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, bleach bottles, cutting boards, and piping.

Over the years, Boltgas has been transformed to become a trusted and most preferred source of engineering solutions because of its ability to adapt and remodel solutions and services to suit ever-changing client needs and circumstances.

The Wattle Company is the oldest private player in the time industry with its root stretching as far back as 1945 when it was founded with the primary objective of developing a wattle extract industry in the then Rhodesia.

Once a subsidiary of the London and Rhodesian Mining and Land Company, otherwise known as Lonrho, the Wattle Company produces for both the domestic and export markets. Not content with its current export receipts, the company has thus come up with grand plans to venture into the Chinese and Malaysian markets.

In order to enhance its capacity and realise these big dreams, the company is therefore seriously investing in manufacturing facilities and technology. Just six months ago, President Emmerson Mnangagwa commissioned the kiln and veneer plants at the company, which was established in 1945.

Wattle Company Limited’s investment in manufacturing facilities and technology is clearly far from over, with its engagement of Boltgas clearly indicating its desire to forge ties with capable partners that can help it ramp up its capacity.

A privately-owned Zimbabwean forestry company based in the Eastern Highlands, the Wattle Company is a very important company to both the Manicaland region, and Zimbabwe, as a whole.

Not only does the forestry company employ over 2000 workers, it is also a big exporter of products such as treated poles, charcoal, pine sawn timber and wattle extract to countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.